Bobby Gets Bubkes

By: Charles B. Ticker

Fighting with a sibling over your parent’s estate? Before taking another step read this book! To order a copy of Bobby Gets Bubkes on click here. To order in Canada on click here.

“Estate litigation and mediation specialist Charles Ticker has written an invaluable book on the last, most painful manifestation of sibling rivalry; the inequitable parental will. Don’t even consider dealing with this emotional and financial minefield, which can have devastating consequences for sibling relationships for the rest of your life, without his wise, experienced, and eminently sensible counsel.” – Jeanne Safer, PhD., Author of Cain’s Legacy: Liberating Siblings form a Lifetime of Rage, Shame, Secrecy, and Regret

“This is the kind of book that lawyers should have on hand in their libraries for quick reference or recommend to their clients to read before they enter into costly litigation.” – The Honourable Susan E. Greer, Retired Judge of the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario

“Charles Ticker does a superb and comprehensive review of the concept of sibling rivalry. He looks at its history and theories surrounding this very common human emotion. It is an excellent resource for estate practitioners as it provides an important perspective that serves to assist us in serving our clients. I highly recommend this book.” – Ian Hull, Estate Lawyer and Co-Author of Challenging the Validity of Wills

“And you thought Cain and Abel didn’t get along. Thinking of suing your sibling over your parent’s estate? Read this book before you see a lawyer.” – Hart Pomerantz, Lawyer and Television Personality

“Ticker’s extensive litigation experience serves him well as he lays out both the common problems of sibling rivalry in the inheritance realm and the various legal resolution options.” – P. Mark Accettura, Lawyer and Author of Blood & Money

“A cautionary tale and useful guide to parents contemplating how to leave their estate to their children – or putting off dealing with it. Ticker offers a comprehensive view of how differing perceptions of what’s “fair” can tear families apart. Perhaps most important is his advice, based on years of hard-won legal experience, about how parents and siblings can navigate these issues and avoid the worst-case scenarios. Read it before you make a will. Read it before you undertake a lawsuit to challenge a parent’s will.” – Francine Russo, Author of They’re Your Parents Too

“Charles brings this complicated area of law to life by discussing real cases, including celebrity cases. A must read for anyone thinking about getting involved in estate litigation.” – Les Kotzer, Estate Lawyer and Co-Author of The Family War

To order a copy of Bobby Gets Bubkes on click here. To order in Canada on click here.