estate administration

Estate administration errors may lead to estate disputes

Estate administration is one of the most areas of estate law requiring proper legal advice from an estate lawyer. Many estate disputes arise as a result of errors made with administration. Any questions must be addressed with the advice of an estate litigation lawyer in order to ensure that no errors are made. Trustees and executors may need extensive legal advice to ensure they understand what their duties and obligations are.

Estate administration and probate

One of the most common issues is probate. Probate is the verification by a Court (usually a Judge) that the will in place is valid. Probate also verifies that the executors or trustees appointed have the authority to administer the estate. If probate does not occur in a timely manner, administration may be delayed. For example, some institutions such as banks may refuse to release funds held in bank accounts to the executor or trustee for distribution until probate takes place.

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