The blog is dedicated to estate disputes involving siblings. In my 31 years experience as a civil litigation lawyer and in more recent years focusing on estate disputes- I’m amazed at how often childhood fights or experiences come up in estate disputes between adult siblings. I had a client fighting with his brother because Mom left him out of the will and the client was still talking about the time his brother destroyed his favourite toy when he was 10.  Another client had bad memories of her brother making her sit on the handle bars of his bicycle while he drove downhill like a maniac ignoring her pleas to stop.

Siblings fight not only as children but when they grow up- when they have bigger things to fight about. When they’re little and not so little and the parents are around, the fights tend to be more controlled. But once the parental referees are out of the picture, the gloves come off!

In future blogs, I plan to write about topics that touch upon estate fights between siblings. I will be sharing some interesting stories from actual Court cases and offer some ideas as to how you can avoid the sibling fight in Court. I also plan to invite guest bloggers to share their views.

If you have any topics or suggestions for my blog, please send me a note.