Muhammad Ali’s family may be heading toward estate dispute

After Muhammad Ali passed away on June 3, 2016, several news sources reported that his estate may become the subject of a dispute. Although few details have surfaced since his passing, a recent story suggests some of Ali’s children may be at odds with his widow, Lonnie Ali. The estate has been estimated to be worth $80 million. There is also a trust in place. The children are reportedly¬†getting a $6 million inheritance. Their stepmother, Lonnie Ali would earn $12 million.

There have also been reports that the children did not like their stepmother while their father was alive. They may have accused Lonnie Ali of not letting them see their father before he passed away. Another aspect of the dispute involves Muhammad Ali’s burial. The pallbearers at his funeral were Will Smith and Mike Tyson, contrary to Muslim tradition which calls for the sons to perform this role.

Despite various sources suggesting there is hostility within the family, the details of the family dynamic have remained private.

Maryum Ali denies there is a dispute

In a recent interview, one of Muhammad Ali’s daughters, Maryum Ali, denied there is a dispute in the family. She said that the children were raised to love each other and that there is no feud with their stepmother. Additionally, she stated that the terms of the trust are confidential and that the siblings loved the funeral and memorial services.

Despite these statements, sources close to the family have indicated that the children may be getting along only to ensure their portion of the $80 million estate is secure, after which they would go their separate ways.

This will be an interesting story to follow. It is a great example of what may happen in a blended family dynamic. Although the parties have kept the details private, children who receive less than their stepmother are likely to be unhappy. It will be unfortunate if a lengthy estate dispute tarnishes Muhammad Ali’s legacy.

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