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  1. William Squires
    November 23, 2012 @ 6:14 pm

    This was forwarded to me from Shelley Orwin for my info.
    We were the involved in this case and god willing, we were the victors in the courts decision. The problem with the laws as they exist to-day, you may be the victor but what chance do you have recovering judgement awards? The simple answer is none. My wife and I have expended over $300,000 in legal fees which was more than our nest egg for our golden years which is where we are now at. Fitzpatric is appealing the award with no lawyer handling the appeal process which means, this individual may not even have his appeal heard but he has acheived his goal of stalling for an indefinate period of time with no intention of paying anything. How unjust this whole thing has turned out to be. We won but we lost big time.


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