In an earlier blog post , I wrote about the sad story of Carroll Shelby. His wife Cleo Shelby and his children had been in a dispute over how to deal with his remains. Carroll Shelby was finally laid to rest in his birthplace Leesburg, Texas on Wednesday, August 29 after a private ceremony. His body had remained in limbo at the Dallas County morgue for more than two months. His wife had opposed his children’s intention to cremate his body claiming she had the right as his widow to decide how he would be buried.

She agreed to settle as long as she was provided with some of the ashes according to a report in the Dallas Morning News. His children had claimed that their father had signed a directive earlier in the year to have his remains cremated and split between them. But Carroll Shelby’s last wife Cleo claimed that the directive was a forgery and she claimed that she had another document signed two years ago that gave her the power to deal with his remains.

“We’re not happy with it ( the settlement) but we want to get my dad in the ground, ” said Shelby’s oldest son, Michael.

Carroll Shelby, may you rest in peace.